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All About Logitech Z-2300

Logitech continues to be doing excellent work recently, expanding from a computer parts company widely known for mice and then keyboard products in to a dependable multimedia audio brand. When their designs don't provide audiophile-quality performance, or characteristics of such, they certainly provide reliable, easy-to-use alternatives for the set-it-and then-forget-it users who occupy a major part of the computer and gaming market.

The 9 (MSRP) Z-2300 gives 200 watts of total RMS Power, eighty watts RMS (2 x 40 Watts) into 8 ohms at one kHz at 10 percent THD (total harmonic distortion) for the satellites and 120 watts RMS into eight ohms at 100Hz at 10 % THD (total harmonic distortion) for your subwoofer. In accordance with Logitech, there's a 100dB signal-noise ratio at 1 Kilohertz and also a frequency response of about 35- 20 Hertz; although without +/- dB specs, the unit may play up until 20 Kilohertz, though if you fail to hear it, then it is not good. Buyers should bear in mind that audio specs rarely stand for real-world conditions; they simply provide a brief snapshot of a product's performance under stable conditions. If you push "Play" and then the material starts to make demands on the product, the actual specs normally contradict.

Without having to pay to Lucasfilm, the Z-2300 actually offers a THX certificate, which goes to show that it has been able to pass a broad specs set that many other designs could pass as well. However, the badge means a lot for marketing purposes, specifically in the small-speaker arena of desktop audio.

The satellites, which are 6.75 inches in height, 3.5 inches in width, and six inches in depth, utilize 2.5 inches of refined lightweight aluminum phase plug driver that also comes with a top port. As the only driver on the satellites, such phase plug driver must increase the mid and high frequencies sooner than the time when the wooer takes over. Compared to dual driver designs, this seems to be harder. The 11-inch wide, 11-inch tall, and 15-inch deep subwoofer also engages an 8-inch long-throw ported woofer.

Setup and Operation

The setup process just isn't difficult, like all of Logitech's products. The Z-2300 offers an outboard wired remote control that has a System Volume knob, Subwoofer Volume knob, Power LED, headphone jack and a Power/Standby button. If your source outputs using a single stereo mini-plug (as do most computers and Audio players), simply plug the remote's 3.5mm cable straight into your source's audio output. If your source outputs via a pair of stereo RCA plugs, Logitech provides an adapter to convert both of these plugs into a mini-plug for link to the remote. Then plug the remote's D-SUB connector into the back of the subwoofer, making sure to line up all the pins before pushing in the plug (they can bend and break easily). Enjoin the 2 satellite speakers to the subwoofer's behind right after placing them. Conclusively, plug it to the wall( the subwoofer).

After making sure your source is turned down, turn on the subwoofer's power switch. The Power LED on the remote control should light. Push the "Play" button on your source, then you're done. Utilize the volume knob of the remote control to alter the volume and the subwoofer knob to alter the bass output. To avoid having to turn the unit on and off via the subwoofer's rear switch, make use of the remote's Power/Standby button instead - much easier. The remote's headphone jack is terrific for easy headphone hook-up, instantly muting the main system while providing volume control through the master volume knob (the subwoofer volume knob is disabled). The Z-2300's relatively short hardwired cables (on both the satellites and remote) may also present an issue during set-up and will likely limit your placement options.


The Z-2300 plays loud, that can benefit many types of material, such as movies and games. The subwoofer packs a wonderful punch, although the forward-firing woofer means you might have to find a location where a leg doesn't block it or even the side-firing port. The subwoofer can manage increases in the subwoofer volume knob, but in extreme situations, it clips somewhat and also distorts. Considering the subwooer's price, it is a good deal actually and offers good performance. Your remote's volume controls might be improved in general, but considering the prices, it could be hard to debate.

The satellites provided more of a mixed bag. The single driver can't reproduce the frequencies' whole range sufficiently, bringing on some rolled-off high ranges and an average midrange. Between the satellites and subwoofers, there is certainly an apparent sonic gap that marks a lower crossover point that the satellites just can't manage. Additionally, the satellites show average directional traits, which means that as they point far from the listening area, the sound decreased drastically. When assessing the general sound quality, sound staging and imaging, better think about these things.

High Points

- The Z-2300 is the best for movies and games since it can play quite loudly. You may need some good speakers for your computer if you like watching movies and playing games by downloading from online sites for example Apple's iTunes or Hulu.

- Taking into consideration the size of the device and its affordable price, the subwoofer is quite good.

- The Logitech Z-2300's fit and finish is fairly respectable when you consider the cost of buying the system. The speakers look pretty good.

- The remote control has a smooth touch on it, with quality headphone jack.

- It is possible to fit the gaming consoles conveniently while using the RCA connection adapter.

Low Points

- The Z-2300 will leave audiophiles looking for more in terms of musicality when comparing the system to even the simplest bookshelf speakers. Bookshelf speakers do not nicely fit on your table alongside a large old 24-inch LCD monitor, but when there are audiophile needs on your desk, then better stick to this gear and pay the necessary prices.

- The short, hardwired cables of the remote control and particularly the satellites limit placement options.

- The output of the subwoofer will not totally switch off, even if the lowest setting is at its lowest, that makes it harder during the setup procedure.

- The unit does not provide a second input, which will be very convenient.


The Z-2300 offers a good deal of benefits, considering its affordable price. The Logitech device provides good sound quality for movies and games, a good array of convenient features plus some crisp cosmetics. In a world in which downloads already control the music business and are quickly overtaking for DVD as the desired method to purchase and own movies, your personal computer needs appropriate speakers as well as the Logitech Z-2300 could be just what the doctor ordered. logitech z-2300

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